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What does “prosperity” mean to you?

“For many people, the immediate reaction is to think of financial wealth. To me this is a very narrow interpretation. There are many “wealthy” people who are desperately unhappy. Often these people are not content with what they have and further wealth does not bring any greater happiness. Prosperity is a complex concept that involves being healthy, having good relationships, and being able to find happiness and contentment with what one has.

Finding happiness and prosperity is about achieving the right mental state, and a life of grateful flow. To get to this state and to be truly prosperous one must first conquer and manage moods/mind. Happiness and prosperity is having something to love, something you love doing and something to look forward to. Sometimes this does not happen straight away. One must adapt.”

Peter King FCA Acuity Magazine (February 2016).

This perspective on “prosperity” written by Peter is in line with the philosophy of Wheelie Motivated Enterprises (WME) surrounding clients happiness. It is envisaged at WME that clients happiness grows over time.