K. Charlton, T5 Paraplegia Client
I have known Simon Jasprizza since early 2006. At the time, my 15month old son and I had been 10months out of hospital rehabilitation and still coping with the realisation of life as aT5 paraplegic and having a son diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Arthrogryposis. Simon’s involvement of case management has included financial advice, arrangement of care staff for my son and also domestic assistance, referring an OT to assist in gaining further independence (eg. Obtaining a licence to drive a hand controlled vehicle,), attending EXPO’s for disability access,  transitional accommodation and also peer support.
Simon and I have developed a great understanding and close friendship given the capacity of having to deal with emotional day to day issues of coping with two members of the family being wheelchair dependant.  He has been a tremendous support emotionally and as the name of his company suggests, keeps me ‘Motivated’ when such things in life get a little too much to handle. It is always good to know that someone is there who can relate to your problems when they have experienced being in a similar situation - someone who can share and relate to your concerns . . Someone who can mentor. That’s where peer support is an important factor and I am grateful to have Simon to help keep my peace of mind.
Belinda Richards, L4/L5 Incomplete Paraplegic
I was referred to Simon in January of 2015 and I was in a very desperate situation. I am Paraplegic as a result of being assulted in my workplace as an Officer. Supporting 3 children was impossible as I was denied Work Cover payments and my Legal representation was working at a snails pace and I felt extremely stuck.
Simon assisted me tremendously with my Superannuation  (TPD) claim. He also linked me up with proper expert legal representation that got things moving for me. I then was able to move closer to my family and friends and with Simons help and advice set myself and my children up financially. Simon also assisted me with my workers compensation claim.
He provided me with peer support services that I wouldn't have been able to link up with if it wasn't for his help. I don't know what I would have done without the guidance and mentoring and motivation that I received from Simon I just don't think that I can thank him enough.
Brett Stanford, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Client
“I have been a client of Simon’s since May 2011 when he was appointed as my Private Financial Manager, after having my accident in December 2000. At that stage he took over from managing my finances from the NSW Trustee & Guardian, and it was the day I got my life & freedom back. Since then Simon has been so professional & compassionate to my financial & personal life. I work 5 hours  a week on the local community radio station as a volunteer running my own radio program and Simon has supported me along the way.
With his assistance I have significantly increased my savings. He supports, mentors & guides me, but most importantly he believes in me. He introduced me to Wheelchair Sports NSW, and I now travel the countryside playing lawn bowls. I hope to one day represent Australia at the Paralympics. Simon is my number one fan and always motivates my to achieve my dreams.
I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Simon. He is an inspiration to me.”
Andrew Liu, L3 incomplete Paraplegia
After a spinal cord injury, journey through everyday life can be quite daunting. It's like walking in the bush without any sense of direction. I initially lived one day at a time. Then various health professionals, family members slowly become my reference point on where I stood in the society. Simon is not just a reference point. He is also my guide who I know I can depend on for his personal experience. I have known Simon since 2009, I know he would be on the other side of phone when I felt lost or not being understood by others. In short, Simon gives earnest and vital support not likely to be replaced by any other.