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Pocketbook App – Free Budget Planner

Wheelie Motivated Enterprises has found that the best way to manage client’s cash flow in today’s modern technological world is through a smart phone/tablet app. currently a handy app on the market is Pocketbook.

The app is available for phones and tablets (Apple & Androids) and can also be used via the net & it links directly to your bank accounts. It can be linked to all the major banks, plus many regional and smaller banks. Its a read-only service, so you cannot transact in the app. Security is an obvious concern for users, but the app uses the same security encryption technology that banks use. Unlike many budget apps on the market they are targeted to the large USA market, however Pocketbook is targeted to the Australian market & currently has over 200,000 Australian Users (that’s nearly 1% of the Australian population!!!!).

Pocketbook automatically categorises expenses such as groceries, travel, car expenses etc, and you can even create your own expense categories. It also alerts you when your regular bills are due

For a detailed review of the app & its features check out the app review http://www.finder.com.au/pocketbook – ensure you read the final piece regarding security.